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You don’t get much better than Mermaid Waters, Mermaid Beach, Nobbys Beach, Miami and Robina, Gold Coast when it comes to coastal real estate. If anyone knows about this area, it's Duwayne Mattig. As an estate agent, Duwayne has a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy agent who’s energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about helping people.

Heavily service-focused, Duwayne assists his clients to get the best prices for their homes. Dedication to client relationships is his main priority. He understands that how an estate agent begins a client relationship determines how it continues.

Duwayne has extensive advertising and online marketing experience, so he knows how to get a property maximum exposure. Duwayne will create you a personalised marketing plan that will make sure your property is visible to the largest-possible number of potential buyers without blowing your budget.

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Ready To Sell Your House?

Duwayne will work to get your property maximum exposure by creating an online marketing plan. He'll ensure that you get a premium price for your property after exposing it to relevant buyers in the marketplace.

Duwayne will stick with you long after your house is sold, and any commission is generated. He’ll be by your side until you’ve decided on your next step and, if necessary, will help you find your next dream home or rental property, complete with financing referrals or an out-of-state referral from his Australia-wide network.

Why free advertising is not always the best.

Many agents will offer to list your property for free? My question to you is - how do they intend on selling a secret? And even more importantly how do they intend to get you a premium price without exposing it to all the relevant buyers in your marketplace.

Can I sell my property with a tenant in place?

Absolutely. As an agent I provide the tenant with the relevant notice's to ensure I'm are legally acting on your behalf. I go above and beyond to create a respectful relationship with your tenant and ensure our communication is at a high level so that they feel a part of the process and work with us at all times.

Understanding the value of advertising.

How does an agent get you a premium? By exposing your property to the widest group of potential buyers. How do we do this? Duwayne will carefully put together an personalized marketing plan that will suit your property. We will always aim to be mindful of budget and only spend in the areas we see the most value for money. At the end of the day, we want to ensure your property gets as many buyers through the inspections to ensure that we get you a premium price.

I just want an appraisal so I can get an idea on the value of my home.

I offer a simple stress-free appraisal which only takes around 15 minutes and will provide you with current market conditions so that you can get a feel for your property value.

Why should I be out during an open house?

Getting a buyer to picture themselves living in the property - sometimes referred to as 'mentally moving in' is is one of the most effective ways to generate serious interest. For this to be achieved, it is essential that they feel relaxed and unhurried. Buyers do not wish to intrude on the current owner's space, so your presence can sometimes act as a deterrent for them to stay longer and continue to consider the property carefully.

What is a sales agency agreement?

A sales agency agreement is a document written to protect your rights. It includes details of the real estate agent who you have assigned to sell your property. It states what they promise to provide you, along with an estimated sale amount or price range. The arrangement outlines the amount of fees or commission payable by you for the real-estate agent's services. A commission is usually only due when the sale of the property is completed.


Whether you’re looking for something to better meet your growing family’s needs or are downsizing now that the kids have left home, it’s daunting to sell the house you’re living in when it’s been part of your life for so long. Thankfully the process of selling your home doesn’t need to be stressful or drag on for longer than necessary. With the right estate agent at your side you can enjoy an efficient and profitable property sales experience and enter your next phase of home ownership with confidence.


Duwayne Mattig isn’t afraid to draw on his extensive digital marketing experience to get his clients the best prices for their homes. He creates personalised marketing plans to give their property maximum exposure, making it visible to the largest number of potential buyers while sticking to the provided budget so that the client can walk away with a premium property price.


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