4 reasons why your home isn’t selling

In an apparently booming property market, it can be difficult to stay calm when your home is taking ages to sell. If you’re desperate to sell your property – for whatever reason – the frustration can be even worse.

Here’s a look at four solid reasons why your home might not be selling, and what you can do about it. It’s not rocket science – we promise.

A Sky-High Price

Selling a house you love can feel like letting go of a part of yourself. Bearing this in mind, it is entirely possible that your price point is too high because of your emotional attachment to the property. To sell a house within a reasonable amount of time, it needs to be priced to go. This doesn’t mean you should undersell – it just means you should look objectively at all the factors influencing the price.

Also, pay attention to the property value appraisal from your agent, buyers’ sentiments and market feedback over time.

Presentation: First Impressions Endure

The smallest details can make or break a prospective property sale. If you have a house with dirty walls, it’s likely to leave a negative impression. Minor renovations and tweaks to things you could have easily overlooked could make the house far more appealing to prospective buyers. With competition high in the market, simple design and presentation techniques can place you a cut above the rest.

Visuals Matter

Most prospective buyers will check online before going for a physical home viewing. Make sure good-quality, flattering photographs of your property are uploaded. Show off your home’s best assets from striking angles to optimise the impact. If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional – don’t fret. Most smartphones have high-quality cameras, so use yours to capture your home beautifully.

Marketing and Advertising

Get a good estate agent to handle the marketing of your home. Not enough emphasis can be placed on this. An estate agent should take care of everything, from signboards to arranging professional copywriting for your sales campaign.

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