What are the major steps to selling a home in Australia?

November 21, 2018

Selling a house can be a daunting task. You want to get the right price, ideally, make a profit and not get caught up in any legislative loopholes. Here are some of the major steps you’ll need to take in order to sell your home in Australia: Preparation You may want to do a deep…

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Top Ten Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

November 5, 2018

Planning on selling your home? No need to rush into it. In many instances, it will be more profitable to ensure your house looks as good as possible before selling. This will increase the amount you can sell it for! In fact, the Consumer Reports National Research Centre conducted an online survey of 303 real…

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Duwayne Mattig Real Estate Agent Sells Your Home In No Time

October 15, 2018

Are you looking to sell your home in the Mermaid Waters, Mermaid Beach or Miami area? Save yourself time, money and endless hassles with potential buyers by allowing Duwayne Mattig to list and sell your property for you. He’s process-driven, simplistic, trustworthy, dedicated to time and pays attention to detail. Mermaid Waters, Mermaid Beach and…

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How to get your house ready to sell this spring

September 4, 2018

Winter’s making way for the warmer seasons, so it’s the ideal time to get ready for your home sale. Nothing can ruin the perfect game plan like last-minute preparation. This means you can never be too prepared for the spring rush. Here are some pointers on how you can prepare your house for sale this…

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4 reasons why your home isn’t selling

August 1, 2018
Home is Not Selling

In an apparently booming property market, it can be difficult to stay calm when your home is taking ages to sell. If you’re desperate to sell your property – for whatever reason – the frustration can be even worse. Here’s a look at four solid reasons why your home might not be selling, and what…

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