Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast of Queensland is quickly becoming a synonym for idyllic paradise living with an excellent way of life and enviable return on investment opportunities.

With a ranking of 2877 in Australia by an increase in median property value over the quarter, it is no wonder that Mermaid Waters is a favourite in the region. The average vendor discount being achieved at the moment aims at a minimum of -5.97%, very attractive to investors aiming to score a bargain.

On the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise might be the Cinderella, but Mermaid Waters outdoes this by portraying the most mythical of characters, the Little Mermaid.



House Median Sales Price


Unit Median Sales Price

Welcome to Mermaid Waters

Mermaid Waters is a predominantly residential suburb surrounded by luxury homes beautifully situated along the canals and lakes. This suburb has increased in popularity amongst many buyers making Mermaid Waters an ideal real estate investment.

If you’re a savvy investor, this area is where you need to invest your money! One of the fastest growing suburbs in the Queensland market, Mermaid Waters is an area that offers waterfront living, an upgraded city infrastructure and leisure suburbs that are an instant attraction to buyers. The inner city feel is fast developing with new homes, townhouses and villas. Most of the older established homes have been bought and resold or renovated because of the ideal location of the suburb.

A Look At The Figures

The increases in property values in Mermaid Waters have tracked lower than most of Queensland at an average of 5.3% over the past year. The house median price ranges in the $970,000 range, an annual capital growth of 3.8% with a number of sales at 167 and a weekly median advertised rent of $730.

The rate at which property is being sold in Mermaid Waters is remarkable, with the area achieving an impressive average time real estate turnaround of 53 days. The sales price on houses in the last year were $930,000 based on 167 house sales in the past 12 months , up 8.0% annually. It takes on average 36 days to sell with vendor discounting of -0.06%.

There have been 125 Units sold in Mermaid Waters in the past 12 months with a median sale price of $425K, up 5.8% annually. It takes on average 34 days to sell with vendor discounting of -0.05%.

Mermaid Waters

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Capturing the Elusive

It is not uncommon for many of us to have a difficult time finding a Mermaid Waters real estate company that really understands our needs. A frustration shared when it comes to understanding the real value of advertising a property. Luckily, at Duwayne Matting, we have the skills and experience and work extremely hard to get you the best results by exposing your property to the widest group of potential buyers in the most efficient, effective and budget friendly way possible. With the help of a meticulously developed and personalised marketing plan, we will position your property in front of the most relevant buyers ensuring the best possible outcome.

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